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NanoPlus 12ml w/ glass dropper
NanoPlus 12ml w/ glass dropper

NanoPlus 12ml w/ glass dropper

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Part Number:NanoPlus 12ml
NanoPlus is a blend of NanoStilbene and NanoCannabidiol which are an easily absorbed Nanoparticles formulation of Pterostilbene and Cannabidiol. 

Recommended daily intake would be 4 drops with each dose delivering 20mg of nanoparticle cannabidiol isolate and 20mg of nanoparticle pterostilbene. 

The cannabidiol placed in a nanoemulsion droplet is free from air, light, and hard environment; therefore, as a delivery system, the nanoemulsion can not only improve the overall bioavailability of cannabidiol isolate but also protect it from oxidation and hydrolysis, while it possesses an ability of sustained release at the same time. 

In addition to the benefits of the nanoparticle cannabidiol, we chose to use medium chain triglycerides (MCT), as one of our oil mediums in preparing the nanoemulsion. 

NanoStilbene™ is manufactured and sold under US Patent No.: 9,682,047

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