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ProJuvenol 60 Capsule
ProJuvenol 60 Capsule

ProJuvenol 60 Capsule

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ProJuvenol® 200mg of Pterostilbene Daily; Anti-Inflammatory, Cellular Rejuvenation, Powerful Antioxidant, and Healthy Functionality for Everyday Living.
Covered by US Patent No.: 9,682,047

ProJuvenol® which contains 200mg of >99% pure Pterostilbene in each daily dose is a patented powerful synergistic blend of complex ingredients inspired by nature to help promote cellular rejuvenation and healthy functionality for everyday living. Based upon pterostilbene, one of nature's unique and intelligent antioxidants/anti-inflammatories. ProJuvenol® includes a scientifically valid blend of interactive ingredients with antioxidant and cellular protective properties to help support optimal health and provide the benefits of mental alertness and physical well-being.

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